Furance blows fuse with heat but not ac full version

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Furance blows fuse with heat but not ac full version

If your gas furnace is blowing cold air, a number of factors could be to blame—many of which you can address on your own, without the immediate help of a service professional. To troubleshoot a misbehaving gas furnace, start with the easiest explanations and solutions, then work your way to the most complicated. If your gas furnace doesn't start working at some point as you work your way through these troubleshooting steps, then it is time to call a furnace professional.

Look to these possible causes one at a time. There is a good chance that you will find and correct the reason why your furnace is failing to produce warm air.

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All too often, restoring the flow of warm air is simply a matter of opening heat registers. Families with young children know that heat registers can often get closed mysteriously after a play session. However the heat registers were closed, if too many are shut, it can cause heat to build up in your furnace, causing it to shut down automatically. Closed heat registers can cause other issues, as well. Essentially, blocking heating vents causes your furnace to work harder and longer than it is intended to work and can shorten its life.

Blocking air increases the air pressure in your air ducts, which may both cause and worsens airflow leaks—particularly at joints and seams. Pros recommend keeping at least 80 percent of your heating registers open to prevent unnecessary air from building up in your furnace and ducts.

Then, check to be sure that the thermostat is set to a temperature high enough to trigger the furnace to emit heat. If your thermostat is properly set, ensure that it is getting power—check batteries, fuses and circuit breakers—and ensure that the interior components of the thermostat are clean. Dust and debris inside the thermostat can cause it to malfunction. Fortunately, this is usually an easy fix. In some cases, a malfunctioning thermostat may require adjustment or replacement. Failure of the transformer that provides power to the thermostat can also prevent it from sending signals to the furnace.

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After verifying that the thermostat is set properly and is getting power, ensure that the furnace itself is getting power. Check fuses and the circuit breaker to ensure that power is getting to the furnace.

Also, check the electrical switch at the furnace to make sure it is in the ON position. If maintenance or repair work has recently been done on the furnace, this switch may have accidentally been left in the OFF position. If the furnace powers up, you should soon have heated air cycling through your home once again. Sometimes, pressing the reset button is all that is required to get your furnace working properly.

This button controls an automatic shut-off feature that shuts down the furnace if it gets too hot or if there are other problems. A furnace that frequently shuts off automatically may have other issues, such as a clogged air filter or blocked ducts that are causing the furnace to overheat.

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If this is the case, properly shutting the door cover on your furnace may fix the problem. Dirty furnace filters are one of the most common causes of furnace failure. A dirty furnace filter can limit the airflow through your furnace and cause it to overheat, which will shut it off automatically. If you suspect a dirty air filter, change the filter, press the reset button if your furnace has oneand see if your furnace begins to emit heated air.

Change your furnace filters regularly—pros recommend changing them once a month—to ensure that your furnace continues to work properly. First, confirm that the light is out.Furnace fuse keeps blowing? This guide to electric furnace troubleshooting explains the common causes and fixes. If you have been experiencing electric furnace problems specifically the furnace fuse blows when the heat turns on throughout the holiday season, you might have assumed the problem is those cheap holiday string lights.

If your furnace is blowing a fuse repeatedly, leaving you with no power to the furnace, your first step should be to call in an experienced HVAC repair professional. Electric furnace problems can be tricky to solve because there are so many possible causes, and also because the problem can be intermittent.

The problem could even be related to a thermostat fuse. Pay attention to details so you can provide your technician with as much information as possible. Make sure your HVAC technician checks all of the following causes when troubleshooting electric furnace problems.

Eventually all that dust ends up in the blower motor, which can then overheat, causing the fuse to burn out and possibly even catch on fire. The fix is simple in this case: replace the furnace fuse, replace the filter, and have the system thoroughly cleaned. Over time, the vibration that results from the furnace running can cause internal wires to become loose.

It may take some time to find the problematic wire, but fixing or replacing the loose wire will take care of this problem. To prevent this problem in the future, make sure you have your system regularly inspected and tuned up, to keep those wires tightened and prevent shorts.

Have there been any water leaks, from the furnace or anywhere nearby? This could happen if your furnace is tucked up in a crawl space somewhere.

Check for leaks that could be causing a short. Did you allow a less-than-qualified person to try to service your furnace? An expert will spot this problem immediately. When an HVAC fuse gets covered in soot and grime, it may no longer be able to connect sufficiently and can fail. If the capacitor that starts the system is failing, you could get intermittent electrical problems.

Replacing the capacitor is an inexpensive fix and will solve the problem. The electric furnace transformer may be failing, causing the system to short. If so, it will need to be replaced.When your furnace keeps blowing a fuse, you need to take action quickly.

Regularly tripping the fuse can be a fire risk because it indicates an electrical problem. Replacing the fuse or resetting the breaker can temporarily fix the problem, but if the underlying issue is not fixed, the fuse will just blow again. To protect your family and ensure your furnace keeps working as it should, you need to find the source of the problem.

While there are a number of problems that can lead to this trouble, you need to get to the bottom of the problem quickly to determine if your furnace needs to be replaced. The team at T. Our expert technicians can come to your northeastern PA home to find the source of your problem and provide effective solutions.

So, if the problem cannot be repaired, we can install a new, properly functioning furnace. Contact T. You can also call us at !

Why Does My Furnace Keep Blowing the Fuse?

Blown fuses usually result either from an appliance putting too much strain on the fuse or by an electrical short in the system. Since some furnaces can require a lot of electricity, homeowners must ensure that they have an adequate electrical system to support the furnace. After resetting the circuit breaker and replacing the fuse, if the fuse keeps blowing, there might be an electrical short in the electrical system that supplies the electricity to the furnace.

In this case, you should call an electrician. Sometimes the blown fuse in the furnace comes from a malfunctioning transformer. In this case, you will need a technician to come and replace the old transformer with a new one.

If the fuse in your furnace is too small and cannot handle the wattage, it can cause your fuse to blow. If this is your problem, simply replace the fuse with a larger capacity fuse that can handle the electrical demands. If your thermostat wire touches the metal frame of the furnace, this can cause a blown fuse.

When a thermostat wire touches the metal frame of the furnace, it can deliver more voltage than the wires are designed to handle. This will blow the fuse on the control board, causing the draft inducer to not start, which then stops the rest of the furnace functions from working properly.

Sometimes, your furnace may seem like it has blown a fuse, but it is actually suffering from loose wire connections. This is usually a good place to start looking for problems with your furnace as loose wires can usually be detected with a voltage meter.

If loose wires are detected, they should be repaired or replaced by an electrical or HVAC technician. If your furnace keeps blowing a fuse, the team at T. Our NATE-certified technicians understand the importance of safety for your furnace, and we will quickly diagnose and repair the solution—or suggest the right furnace for replacement.

Call us today at or contact us online to get fast answers to your furnace fuse problems. The excellent service from T. Spall for the past 10 years is the reason why we chose no other company. Cookies were delicious!! All Rights Reserved. Sitemap Privacy Policy. Learn How. Call Spall Today we're open and here to serve you safely. Posted On: January 11, When your furnace keeps blowing a fuse, you need to take action quickly. Strain Blown fuses usually result either from an appliance putting too much strain on the fuse or by an electrical short in the system.

Faulty Transformer Sometimes the blown fuse in the furnace comes from a malfunctioning transformer.

furance blows fuse with heat but not ac full version

Insufficient Fuse Size If the fuse in your furnace is too small and cannot handle the wattage, it can cause your fuse to blow.Jun 10, Residential Heating. With just a few short weeks until the official start of Spring, you might be thinking this is a strange time to worry about your furnace breaking down.

Focus your initial troubleshooting here, since you have the greatest chance of fixing the problem yourself without having to call in a professional. Thermostat issues come in many flavors with just as many solutions. These range from the face-palm obvious to the slightly complex and technical. In that order, here they are:. There is actually one more user error that could be the source of your cold air issues. A dirty old filter is a clogged filter and that can restrict the air flow to your HVAC system.

This, in turn, could limit the ability of your furnace to produce and distribute warm air throughout your home.

Some furnaces even contain a built-in shutoff that kicks into action when the filter gets clogged, in order to prevent an overheated burner. When that happens, the furnace will blow cold air. Filters are cheap and easy to change. After doing so, restart your furnace. If so, congratulate yourself on finding a solution without having to call in the experts. A neglected dirty filter can even cause certain parts of your HVAC system to fail. Repeated overheating can lead to failure of your high limit switch.

To remedy that problem, it will turn on the fan to cool everything down. The switch might also be hard to find, another reason you may need the help of an HVAC technician. Another component of your HVAC system that requires regular maintenance is the condensate.

furance blows fuse with heat but not ac full version

When your HVAC system is operating in hot weather, the condensing unit is continually dripping water into a drip pan. That water is removed via piping that eventually makes its way outside your home, where the water drains off. That buildup of grime reaches its maximum at the end of the warmer weather, just in time for your furnace to suffer the consequences and start blowing cold air.Remember Me? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Thermostat Causes furnace fuse to blow. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Thermostat Causes furnace fuse to blow Hello, I have been having some issues with my ac at home. Today I tried to turn on the AC through my thermostat and the fuse blew on my furnace. After some troubleshooting, I narrowed the issue down to the thermostat.

furance blows fuse with heat but not ac full version

I bypassed the thermostat and the AC worked just fine. Once i purchased a new thermostat, the fuse would still blow. I made sure the new thermostat was compatible. I am stuck and have no idea what else it could be. Every the other component is working since the AC works when i bypass the thermostat.

A friend suggested to check the board but I assume if that was the issue, the fuse would blow at all times. Any suggestion in what else I should check? Sounds like you've tried all you can. Time to put a service call in. Thank you for your response.

I already have for Monday. I just want to know of probable causes for my sanity have wrapped my head around it for hours. Definitely not something that I'm willing to tackle myself. It's something that will have to be traced out on site. There's no one item that can defiantly cause the issue.

Originally Posted by jimmiko. Hello, I have been having some issues with my ac at home. It looks to me that you probably have a bad thermostat wire.

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Hopefully it won't be to hard to pull a new wire. If it is you can install a wireless thermostat like a Honeywell Pro That's what I did last time I had this problem. You blew it. Thats why you should call a comp before you really break it. Not trying to be sarcastic however 9 out of 10 times the t-stat is not the problem just the easiest thing to blame besides my unit is low on freon.

Sad thing is if you paid someone to replace the t-stat you would not be very happy as they would just be a parts changer and not a service tech. But since you did it yourself you now know there is some thought, knowledge and experience that comes with the repair so that it is done right the first time. A service tech that can find and repair the problem on the first trip with no extra parts is actually a good price.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

It only takes a minute to sign up. The 5 amp fuse on my control board blows as soon as you ask for heat. With a good fuse in the AC work fine and you can switch the fan from Auto to Fan on with no problem. I read on-line to jump the W and R on the control board and see if the fuse would blow or if the heater would kick on so I did that.

The exhaust motor kicked on then the gas ignited and after a few minutes so did the fan and I had heat. I assumed it was the low voltage wiring from the wall t-stat to the control board so I got new wire and ran up to the attic.

I even installed a new t-stat. Exact same problem. AC works fine but as soon a I switch to heat the fuse blows. Any help would be appreciated. On the furnace control board again jumper the red to the white. Everything OK? Now, on the new stat wire, disconnect the Stat completely. Now at the stat location twist together the red and the white.

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Does the fuse now hold. The furnace should start. If this is the case, you are doing something wrong when you are connecting the stat. Happy hunting and Good Luck. Your thermostat wires or something in the heating circuit are going to ground. Since it works fine when you jump it at the furnace the problem is in the thermostat wire.

Since the cooling works fine the problem is in the heating wire usually W or white. Do you have a C or common wire? If you do it may be touching the common wire. It could also be grounding on the furnace cabinet sometimes it is inside the cable but usually the problem is somewhere you can see. Follow the wire from the W terminal all the way back to the thermostat. You will most likely find the insulation frayed and touching something that goes to ground.

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furance blows fuse with heat but not ac full version

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 2 years, 11 months ago. Active 8 months ago. Viewed 11k times. As soon as you request heat the fuse blows and when I try to run the fan to on nothing happens.

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10 Reasons Your Furnace Is Not Blowing Hot Air

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